10/15/04 Arnada cafe, Vancouver, WA. w/ Dorado
10/18/04 Dublin Pub, Portland, OR
11/10/04 Portland State University, Portland, OR
12/15/04 Goodfoot Lounge, Portland, OR. w/ Groundscore


01/19/05 Meow-Meow, Portland, OR. w/ Jason Elton, Sophe Lux
01/22/05 Lucky's, Eugene, OR.
02/11/05 KPSU AM 1450, live radio performance, Portland State University
02/25/05 The Green Room, Portland OR w/ Flatland
02/12/05 River CIty Saloon, Hood River, OR. w/ Groundscore
03/31/05 The Fez Ballroom, Portland, OR. w/ Noir City
04/23/05 City Repair Earth Day Festival, Portland, OR
05/06/05 The Green Room, Portland, OR. w/ Flatland
05/20/05 The River City Saloon, Hood River, OR
05/21/05 John's Alley, Moscow, ID
06/08/05 The Goodfoot Lounge, Portland, OR. w/ Fractal.
07/01/05 The Landmark, Yachats, OR
07/03/05 Col Summers Park / oxcart summer psychedelic rock,v1 , Portland
07/15/05 Salem Arts Fetival, Salem, OR
07/23/05 The Rainbow, Seattle, WA
07/30/05 The Green Room, Portland, OR
08/22/05 The Ash St Saloon. w/ Foma and the Runners
09/16/05 The Bitter End, Portland, OR w/ Flatland
09/17/05 Music Millennium NW, Portland, OR
09/24/05 River City Saloon, Hood River, OR
10/01/05 TosT, Seattle, WA
10/14/05 Portland State University, Portland, OR
10/15/05 Arnada cafe, Vancouver, WA
10/28/05 Bossa Nova Ballroom, Portland, OR w/ Hunter Paye and Summer Ono
12/09/05 Old towne Mercantile, La Grande, OR w/ Cornflower Blue
12/10/05 Terrapin Station, Boise, ID w/ Farmdog
12/31/05 The Bitter End, Portland, OR w/ The Wanteds


02/10/06 Portland State University, Portland
03/10/06 Savino's Lounge, Hood River, OR
03/18/06 Fez Ballroom, Portland OR w/ Noir City
03/24/06 4th Ave Tavern, Olympia, WA w/ Creeping Time
04/08/06 The Bitter End, Portland OR w/ Groundscore
04/15/06 Terrapin Station, Boise ID
05/20/06 John's Alley, Moscow ID
06/01/06 KPSU SISTERS ROCK, Portland OR
06/08/06 Fez Ballroom, Portland OR w/ New Church Milita and Weathermaker
06/24/06 Wetlands, Eugene OR
07/07/06 4th Ave Tavern , Olympia WA
07/14/06 Emerald Empire Hempfest, Eugene, OR
07/22/06 Col Summer Park psychedelic rock part 2 Portland, OR w/ Groundscore
08/03/06 Sabala's Mt Tabor Portland OR w/ Chuck Warda
08/18/06 Lane County Fair Eugene OR w/ STYX and Loverboy
10/20/06 Sabala's Mt Tabor Portland OR Dark Side of the Oxcart
12/16/06 Kaosmosis SOL BALL Portland, OR Dark Side of the Oxcart


01/26/07 River City Saloon, Hood River, OR Dark Side of the OxcarT
02/02/07 Ratskeller, Government Camp, OR
02/17/07 Outlaws, Portland, OR w/ Big Island Shindig
02/24/07 The White Eagle, Portland, OR w/ Groundscore
06/01/07 Peacock's, Corvallis, OR
08/23/07 Outlaws, Portland, OR w/ Dharma Engine


02/01/08 The Bitter End, Portland, OR
02/23/08 The Skylark, Seattle, WA
03/21/08 Brooklyn Nights, Spokane, WA
03/22/08 John's Alley, Moscow, ID
04/25/08 Diablo's, Eugene, OR
06/20/08 Slabtown, Portland, OR
09/17/08 Kelly's Olympian, Portland, OR
10/24/08 Dante's, Portland, OR - The Equation CD release
11/14/08 The Tonic Lounge, Portland, OR
11/15/08 Diablo's, Eugene, OR
12/05/08 The Red Room, Portland, OR


01/08/09 Berbati's, Portland, OR
02/06/09 Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR w/ Cherry Poppin Daddies
02/21/09 Red Room, Portland, OR
03/09/09 KPSU radio, Portland, OR
03/13/09 The Tonic Lounge, Portland, OR
03/20/09 Jules Maes Saloon Seattle, WA
04/11/09 Dante's, Portland, OR w/ Zepparella
08/28/09 Red Room, Portland, OR
09/19/09 Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA
09/23/09 Kelly's Olympian, Portland, OR
10/02/09 Irishtown, Vancouver, WA
10/30/09 The Tonic Lounge, Portland, OR
11/14/09 The Twilight, Portland, OR
11/28/09 The White Eagle, Portland, OR
12/31/09 Mt Tabor Theater, Portland, OR


01/08/10 Tiny Tavern, Eugene, OR
01/22/10 Twilight Cafe, Portland, OR
02/05/10 Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA
02/06/10 The NW Passage, Aberdeen, WA
02/26/10 Hawthorne Theater, Portland, OR
03/19/10 Ray's Golden Lion, Richland, WA
03/20/10 Mt Emily Alehouse, La Grande, OR
03/21/10 Jewelbox Theater, Seattle, WA
04/06/10 Dante's, Portland, OR
04/09/10 Cafe Racer, Seattle, WA
04/10/10 Siren's, Port Townsend, WA
05/20/10 Hawthorne Theater, Portland OR
05/22/10 Nikki's Italian Bar and Grill, Kelso WA
05/28/10 Whistler's Pub, Pendleton, OR
05/29/10 Mt Emily Alehouse, La Grande OR
05/30/10 Fez Ballroom, Portland OR
06/04/10 Oak St Speakeasy, Eugene OR
06/18/10 Le Voyuer. Olympia WA
06/19/10 Slowstice, somewhere near Bickleton, WA
06/25/10 Tonic Lounge, Portland OR
07/30/10 Ray's Golden Lion, Richland WA
07/31/10 The Seaside, Spokane WA
08/07/10 Oak Grove Tavern, Milwauke, OR
09/29/10 The White Eagle, Portland OR
10/08/10 The Maridell Center, La Grande OR
10/09/10 The Bouquet, Boise ID
10/16/10 The Red Room, Portland OR
11/20/10 Dante's, Portland OR w/ Zepparella
12/11/10 The Knifeshop at Kelly's, Portland


01/08/11 The Tonic Lounge, Portland OR
03/12/11 The Dublin Down, Vancouver WA
04/22/11 Roxy Wine Bar, Kennewick WA
04/23/11 Mt. Emily Ale House, La Grande OR
05/21/11 The Knife Shop, Portland, OR