about oxcart:

Channeling Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, and Muse into their own psychedelic rock witches' brew, Portland Oregon's Oxcart comes soaring from the depths of the Pacific Northwest.

Released in May 2011, Beekeeper Constellation is Oxcart's third studio album, following up 2005's Sasquatch? and 2008's The Equation. The band has played hundreds of shows while touring tirelessly throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 5 years. Additionally, Oxcart has received wide ranging FM and internet airplay and been reviewed locally, regionally, and nationally, including being selected as Independisc Records' 2009 album of the year. Highlights of Oxcart's 2008-2010 support for The Equation include opening slots for The Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Zepperella, amongst many other shows.

Oxcart's latest album, Beekeeper Constellation, picks up where their 2008 release The Equation left off, weaving an intricate array of careful songwriting into the band's heaviest and most mind bending work yet.


Jason Baker - guitar, vocals
Eric Welder - bass
Matt Jones - keys, guitar, vocals
Alex Feletar - drums

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