carefully considered journalistic excellence regarding OxcarT:
“Beekeeper Constellation is a wonderfully rich and inventive collection of super smart progressive pop cuts...if you're the kinda person who gets into music that grows on you and slowly develops over time...well then you might just find Beekeeper Constellation as intriguing and captivating as we do.”
- Baby Sue 8/11
“[Beekeeper Constellation is] a fluid, trippy-yet-muscular slice of Coheed And Cambria / The Sword-inspired space opera, and how much you enjoy it will probably depend on how much you enjoy metal, fire, spaceships, and possibly bees too.”
- Shout4Music 7/29/11
“…Oxcart's 2008 album, "The Equation," is a concept album about the drudgery of working a dead-end job and how one man undergoes an odyssey of self-discovery. Think "Office Space" as directed by Terry Gilliam. In the course of 13 songs, the Everyman hero commutes from his bed to the office to the desert and back again. The playing also is epic. Slabs of metal guitar break into shards of delicate keyboard work. Shouted vocals and pretty pop moments are separated by thin membranes of ambient sound…”
- The Oregonian A&E 2/27/10
"...(Oxcart) has crafted a Modern day Prog Rock Opera that has us name checking every pertinent band/album from Prog’s glory years stirred with the Hammer of the Gods metal influences of the of the best Modern Metal Prog Rocks albums of this era. The Equation has been written…"
- Gary Vollano / Independisc 4/20/09
"'Wishes' comes on like Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace gate crashing a studio session with Eagles of Death Metal in tow, heralded by fuzzed out lo-fi production. The more you listen to this record, the more you wish other musicians had this multiplicity. Its' a superb ensemble of songs which keeps you on tenterhooks throughout the course of the album. Rating: 8 out of 10 stars"
- Whisperin and Hollerin 2/18/09
"...Genuinely unique, tracks Wishes and Office morph from psychedelic-jam to jazzy lounge sexiness, showcasing the bands ability to stir things up and do something angular... This album is pure concept and experiment. Its like a rock opera; you cannot listen to this track for singles - its a piece of art, that lasts 13 tracks..."
- Awaken Music 2/5/09
.…”Shifting direction continually, Oxcart purveys anything from Stooges CBGB's heyday punk in 'Tetherball' to Metallica-like crashing riffs and scratchy space-out rock in 'Equation', drawing further influences from, Canadian band Our Lady Peace and Queens of the Stone Age. In a day of listening to sub-standard albums, a pedestal was duly pulled out for this piece of apocalyptic-rock…” -
- Shout4Music / Ash Meikle 6/01/09
.."The surreal write up on themselves on their website is one reason why Oxcart is featured on AL right now.. It's always nice to see a band that haven't been lobotomized by a major record label... The important point to make about this band is their music is good.. very good !!
- Artist Launch 1/9/09
"Sasquatch?", the debut album by Oxcart, is an atmospheric slice of space rock, with layers that are dense and detailed. On songs like 730 Days, they show a real skill in steeping their music in claustrophobic detachment, while cloaked within an intense sonic backdrop."
- Matt Slesser, Pabst Blue Ribbon Live and Local feature, 9/14/05
""On stage, (Oxcart) unfurls dreamy originals and trips out an occasional Led Zepplin cover...."kind of mellowed out, kind of spaced out a little bit" ""
- Micheal Deeds / The Idaho Statesman 12/9/05
Oxcart "...paints soundscapes.... as inspired by Pink Floyd as Morphine."
- The Oregonian 10/15/04