Beekeeper Constellation (2011)

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A young beekeeper finds himself thrust into the angry maw of an unforgiving war and returns a changed man, haunted by visions and ghosts of those he loves. Unable to reconnect, he takes solace only in the company of his bees and a vision of himself projected unto the stars...

Portland, Oregon rock band Oxcart's third studio album Beekeeper Constellation blends the band's heaviest and most careful songwriting to date, with a swirling array of rock influences including Pink Floyd, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, and The Sword. Following Oxcart's 2008 release, the Equation, Beekeeper Constellation builds on the idea of a modern concept album, but crafts a more distinctive, coherent and heavier sound. With this album as always, Oxcart charts their own musical course with a story that is intended to be both serious and light, empathetic and darkly humorous, and a little bit Spinal Tap to boot.

Beekeeper Constellation represents over two years of work refining the songs, first in live situations and then in the studio. It is also the band's first album featuring the creative input of bassist Eric Welder and was recorded under the direction of producer and engineer David Lindenbaum. Sonically intense at times and at others moody and haunting, the album maintains the band's preference for a live, loud, 70s rock sound of analog guitar and synth tones while still incorporating modern atmospheres and production.

Beekeeper Constellation was mastered by Cloud City Sound's Justin Phelps, whose credits include work with The Mars Volta, Cake, The Dead Kennedys and Mr. Bungle, amongst many others. The album is independently released and is initially available worldwide through iTunes and in digital and physical form through Oxcart is touring in the NW region of the US in support of the album throughout the 2011-2012 season.

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